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Alarms Missing Since 2.1 Update

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Alarms Missing Since 2.1 Update

Since the 2.1 app and Hub updates, I can no longer view or arm my alarm. The Alarms section in the app is recommending that I purchase a Contact Sensor, Motion Sensors, etc to use this feature, however I have these devices connected to the Hub already and they show up in the Devices section in the app. I've already tried removing, resetting, and re-adding the sensors back to the Hub and hae the same results. Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm thinking I may need to completely wipe the Hub and start over. 

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Re: Alarms Missing Since 2.1 Update



We apologize there was some known alarm issues with the release of the mobile application 2.1 those issues have been resolved in mobile application version 2.2.  You should be able to update your mobile application and be able to control and arm your security alarm.  There is a small chance of needing to reset devices.  It is rare but we have seen instances where resetting a device or two may be required.


Should you need further assistance please do not hesitate to call our support team.



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