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CT101 radio thermostat not following schedule

Frequent Contributor

CT101 radio thermostat not following schedule

I had to do a reset and re-pair on my CT101 radio thermostat and after doing so the thermostat will not follow the scheduled temperature settings.  My temperature schedule is pretty simple and there are no Scenes and no Presence settings that would override the schedule.  If anything, the thermostat appears to be on "Hold" even though that Mode is not available on the app.  


This is the latest in many issues with this thermostat since the HUB upgrade.  Lowes should replace this at no charge since this worked fine before the upgrade.

Frequent Contributor

Re: CT101 radio thermostat not following schedule


Per our email conversation we were able to determine that at this time this is not a network but so we will be placing this in resolved status. If you ever need assistance with your thermostats or scheduling please feel free to call us 855-469-4747.


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