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Camera Live View (recording) not working


Camera Live View (recording) not working

Back before the last two iOS releases of the app (hasn't worked the last two versions), I would get a notification that a camera has detected motion and it will start recording.  I could open the app and press on the camera that is recording and see a live feed of that camera and even skip back on the live video to see what triggered the camera to record even before it was finished recording and converted into a "clip".  Now when I press on the camera thumbnail all it does is put a spinning wheel in the middle of the screen and nothing ever loads, also the camera thubnail previews will refresh over and over, but actually they just look like they are flickering.  I haven't been able to use this feature anymore (I believe 2.9 and 2.9.1, whatever the current release is and the one before).  This is happening on the Outdoor V1 camera, haven't tested it on the others yet.

Community Manager

Re: Camera Live View (recording) not working



We are aware of this issue and are investigating it. We hope to get this fixed shortly, and I will provide an update here when we have the fix.