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Deleting 1 user's access deleted another's code as well!!! MAJOR design flaw!!

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Deleting 1 user's access deleted another's code as well!!! MAJOR design flaw!!

I use our lock at our vacation home, but this could have easily happened to a home user.  I only have 6 codes in total, only one of which changes if I have a guest using the place.  The rest are myself and service people.  I entered a new person with access using code 5308.  I am registered with code 5497.  Since the 5 button lock only recognizes key push sequences, not the actual numbers, the lock registered it as ME opening the door.  I removed (unchecked) my access on the Iris system, and left my guest's code in there as is.  At 2am he was locked out.  I can understand the system being confused as to WHO opened the door, as our codes were the same button-wise.  But deleting my name/code should not have changed his code from working.  His name still showed having access.  He and the other 9 people in his family were locked out for almost an hour until someone was able to be reached to let them in.


Since the system is touted as supporting "30 customizable access codes provide keyless entry to guests and family members", this is a MAJOR DESIGN FLAW.   Imagine you have 2468 entered as your child's code.  The service person you fired was 1357.  Iris understands that as two different people and lets you delete/remove access from the 1357.  The lock itself gets confused and now your child is locked out as well since it registers the keypad sequence as being deleted.  This is a lawsuit waiting to happen!  The Iris system doesn't give any kind of warning like"PIN code already in use", because it sees it as unique from the other one.  

This cost me a $500 refund to my guest.  DO NOT BUY THIS LOCK!!!  After 3 hours on the phone with Iris, we finally figured this out and I'll be getting the 10-button version.




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Re: Deleting 1 user's access deleted another's code as well!!! MAJOR design flaw!!



I apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with the lock.  The design specifications of the lock will be an inquiry best left to Kwikset as they are the manufacturers of the lock.   As for Iris we desgin our platform to work hand in hand based on the devices specifications.  I will investigate further to see if there is something on IRIS's side we can look into in the platform, which I will follw up with you when I receive a response. 


If you have any questions or complaints about the design of the lock, your best course of action to voice your concern is contacting Kwikset.


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