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Irrigation Zones won't save in the Order I put them

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Irrigation Zones won't save in the Order I put them

I have 11 zones on my irrigation system and I want them to water in a particular sequence. When I reorder them in the app, then hit save (for either a single day or all days) it saves in a different order then I put them.

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Re: Irrigation Zones won't save in the Order I put them


I apologize you are experiencing issues creating a schedule in our mobile application.  I have tried to duplicate in our test environment and found that I can duplicate the issue, however I aslo found a way to perform what you are requesting.  Please let me explain below.


When I go into the mobile application and choose theLawn and Garden card, Click on the calendar below the name of the orbit controller, select the day, select add event, select the start time and select zones, if I choose multiple zones in here, regardless of order I check mark them, when I save it puts them in numerical order of 1-12 and will do this regardless if you have re-named the zones or not.

However I did find if I go to Lawn and Garden, select a day, select add event and choose only one zone and then save the event it stays in the order I put it, I just have to repeat this task for each zone, which requires a new event being created for each zone.  I did check after the Orbit controller in our test environment received the updated schedules and it stayed in the order I put them in.

If you have further questions you are welcome to reach out to our support team for assistance.

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