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Unable to change rule schedule times in web interface


Unable to change rule schedule times in web interface

I have several rules that are scheduled to turn on and off at specified times.
I tried modifying the times they go active or inactive from the web interface, and I can not get the time values to change. I can't change the hours or minutes, although I CAN change it between AM and PM, or change it to sunset or sunrise. I have tried clicking the number and typing a new time, and I have also tried clicking the blue up/down arrows to change the time and neither works. I also tried this in microsoft edge and google chrome and it doesn't seem to be a browser specific bug.

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Re: Unable to change rule schedule times in web interface



I attempted several times in different browsers to duplicate the issue you are experiencing after researching this does not appear to be a bug in the IRIS platform.  You are correct that there is not an option to click on the number and type in an adjustment to the rule time.

What I did notice is the positioning of where you are clicking is very important.  When I went to change the time in our test account if I clicked too close to the number, the time didn't change at all.  If I clicked closer to the blue line up/down arrows but not on them, the time would change every once and a while and look like it was jumping to random numbers.  It was only when I clicked directly on the blue line closest to the tip that the number changed each time, and even then I had to be patient I found if I tried to click too quickly the webpage would miss a number or two randomly.

I apologize the website is a work in progress right now and we are working to add functionality in.  Even though it wasn't exactly a suggestion the comment you made about clicking on the number to type in versus having to use the arrows has been forwarded to our development team to verify if this could be implimented as that would make a very user friendly experience. 

We appreciate your feed back on the website and should you find any other items you would like to see included we would love to have those suggestions submitted to our product feature suggestions on our community page.



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Re: Unable to change rule schedule times in web interface

Ok, I have tried everything and it doesn't matter where I click, the number does not change.
I tried to sign up for pro monitoring today but the same interface is used at the point where you select how many adults, children, and pets live in the house. I was unable to select the number of people who live in the home, so I did not continue any further and will sign up for pro monitoring once this bug is fixed.
I have tried in google chrome and microsoft edge. I can click exactly on the blue line.... above.... below... exactly on the "point", etc.... it doesnt matter.... the number does not change.