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"Can't play this video."

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"Can't play this video."

Numerous times I find that there's action my cameras should be catching, but when I try to review it, I get an error message saying "Can't play this video."

It saves the thumbnail image for the list of clips just fine, but when I look closely, the file size is 0mb and the record duration is only about 1s. All of my rules are set to run at least 30 seconds. It's like they're giving up whenever they should be working.

I paid oodles for this to work, and to be able to identify problems that may arise at my house, and it's certainly failing to do that!
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Re: "Can't play this video."

Have you tried downloading the videos and playing them.  Back when I used Iris for video capture I would get that from time to time.  In almost all cases I could download the video to my phone and view it.   I reported it here.


Iris says it is a IOS problem and nothing they can do.  You using IOS?

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Re: "Can't play this video."

I'm on Android, not IOS. I hit the download button and it plays a short short clip of what should have recorded, not a full 30 or 60 second clip like it's set to record.

This one seems to be on their end, as it should be saving the recording on their machines, and if it's not recording, the equipment they sold me isn't performing like it should. It's not isolated to one camera, and I have a hard time believing that it's got anything to do with a specific platform, because it's all data that's handled by iris equipment before it reaches my phone.
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,Re: "Can't play this video."



I am following up with you I sent you a more detailed message via our support ticket number that was created to research this incident 1-13334174087.  If you require further clarification you can reach out to our support team to have any concerns discussed further.  

Upon reviewing the account and the cameras having the recording issues over the past 48 hours seem to be focused on one specific camera, when I researched that camera's communication with the platform it appears it is receiving a lot of wireless interference which is likely causing the recording and communication issues you are experiencing.  In the email I sent through the ticket number I included steps to take to resolve.  If those steps are taken and you still experience issues it will be best to call our support team so we can perform a deeper dive into this and troubleshoot for a resolution.


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