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key fob ..bad design

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Re: key fob ..bad design

@erica_iris wrote:

Good morning,

I am with technical support for Iris by Lowe’s. Thank you for your feedback regarding the design of this device. Also you may post on our Feature Suggest portion of this community page for things you would like to see with Iris by Lowe’s.

Thank you,


Iris by Lowe's

How is telling us to post on Feature Suggest portion of the community page helpful?

should we just make a suggestion to fix, or better yet make items that work?


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Re: key fob ..bad design

Why weren’t people that had purchased this garbage 2nd gen fob offered replacements with Version 3?<br><br>That’s a load of donkey and they should be recalled and replaced. I took mine to the store and was told I couldn’t do a no receipt return on this item. Way to go Lowe’s

Re: key fob ..bad design

And I thought I was the only one going through issues!
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Re: key fob ..bad design

Agreed...donthe right thing for your customers and offer us the ability (Gen 2 FOB customers) to exchange. Gone through least 4 of these myself. God forbid it hit the ground once your toast!