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Ability to Select Multiple Devices When Creating Rules

Ability to Select Multiple Devices When Creating Rules

It would save a lot of time if we could select multiple devices at a time when creating rules. Example: Rule: When "device" is open for "duration", then send "person" a message. If you have 10 doors/windows that you would like to create this Rule for, you have to go through the process 10 times. I would like to create one rule and select all 10 devices at the same time. That would save time and clutter in the Rules card.

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yet another feature magically gone from V1 - please bring it back. 

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In V1 we had the ability to create GROUPS.  We could than add multiple devices to a group and then have an event trigger the group.  Example: put all of your lights in a group and when the front door opens and triggers an alarm then all of the lights come on.  

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CalRoberts, You can add multiple lights to a scene then use the rule "Alarm Triggered, Run a Scene"

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