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Ability to set a timer for bulbs and plugs

Ability to set a timer for bulbs and plugs

I would like to see a timer added as an option when you turn on a bulb and/or smart plug. So instead of having to create a schedule for a unique situation, only to have to remove it later to prevent it from running again, or to have to go back to the app to turn off, I could specify the length of time for the "ON" status.  




Frequent Contributor

i uses my keyfob for when i get home for the porch light to turn on but no timer for it, like to set a timer for like 5 mins for it to be turned off on its own


You can set a rule to turn off any item left on for your desired time... for example:


my front porch lights comes on after sunset when someone arrives home... it then turns off after 10 minutes (you can adjust the time to anything you want) PM me if you would like specific instructions on how to set this up...

Advanced Member

I think if you read the request again you will see he understands how to setup a rule.  He wants the ability to do a one time setup that does not reoccur..

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New updates today and still no timer set up for anything , whats the problem adding it ?