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Adding support for dry contact sensors and relays

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Adding support for dry contact sensors and relays

I would like to know if Iris has a plan to allow a broader selection of items that will function with Iris. As an example, there are countless non Iris branded Z-wave devices on the market, that Iris doesn't support and Lowe's don't sell(dry contact sensors, fixture mounted control modules). Reason being is I want to expand my home on the Iris network, like utilizing a dry contact sensor connected to my generator to see if my generator has started, or controlling my low voltage lighting in certain areas without turning off the entire power supply, or a integrated device control module installed in my furnace and boiler to provide a emergency shutoff in case of a fire alarm detection or for turning off during the summer. I understand that Iris is propeitery and only supports vetted and tested by Lowe's equipment but maybe allow users to add other types of "unsupported" devices, with a disclaimer on hub pairing that it is unsupported and Lowe's assumes no responsibility for any damage or undesired operation as it has not been vetted. In my opinion it would make Iris a bit more valuable, where someone who has Pro monitoring can get a phone call from the monitoring center if their generator started at home, or even a basic user can safely shut down their boiler electrical in the event of a water leak, as an example.
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I'm with ya! I'm building an Iris system for my rental property (in a differenct state) that is supplied by two water wells that can go dry in the summer. I want to be notified when either of the pumps runs for more than 5 minutes- which indicates the well has gone dry. I can build a circuit that can give a dry contact closure after 5 minutes but there is nothing in the Iris product line that I can easily hook to. I may just use an Iris contact sensor by physically moving the 2 parts OR by cutting into them and directly connecting into the switch electronics OR  have an external electromagnet that activates the switch. 

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I have converted many Gen 1 door sensors.  Float switches, rlays, gate limit switch, photo sensors...Google.