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Additional scene rules Needed

Additional scene rules Needed

You can currently run a scene on a contact opening or closing and on a push button, why not a Motion sensor or a lock, or a GDO.


Also the rule to run a scene when a door is opened or closed is not listed in the scene rules section.  The rule to run a push button scene is listed under push buttons & fobs and under scenes, it would seem the rule to run a scene on a contact sensor should be listed under both doors & locks and scenes


+1 on motion to trigger scenes.

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I need rules based on GDO back.

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+1 I'd love to see a delay option as well. Like if Door has been closed for 10 minutes, run scene.

+1 motion to trigger scenes

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I agree it would be helpfull to run a Scene based upon the motion sensor.  The motion sensors on the cameras are hyper sensitive making them useless for my needs.  I am using motion sensor buttons to trigger camera recording events BUT I must make a rule for each camera.  Much simpler to allow the motion sensor to trigger a scene.

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I see we got everything but the ability to run a scene on motion.  Why not motion, or am I missing it?

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Motion sensor scene +1.

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when will this rule be implemented -- senario is 5 light bulbs on hallway as 1 scene and be triggered by motion sensor vs making individual rules per bulb.

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+1 for running a scene on motion detection