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Alexa with iris

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Alexa with iris

I would like to see Alexa be able to arm and disarm my iris security system. As far as disarming the system have it ask for your keypad code.
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Hi Brian,


I agree that it would be nice to be able to interact with the Iris security system via Alexa, but unfortunately, Amazon's guidelines for using Alexa with their Smart Home skill do not permit interaction with the security system. If Amazon chnages their rules, this might be something we would look at in the future.





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What about google smart home? That would be great to arm the alarm with voice. I think it would be risky to disarm though.




Good afternoon!

A work around that I've used to arm with Alexa is to create a rule that the alarm is on when a lock is locked. Then I tell Alexa to "Lock my front door lock." She locks the door and Iris arms the house. Smiley Happy

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Great work around though it only works if you have Alexa. Because no lock system works with google home.