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Backup Hub

Backup Hub

My hub I'm currently using is slightly flaky, Iris sent new hub hate that I have to restart completely over with rules scene and devices. Wish I could back up so I can you add new hub without hours of work ahead.

I agree, there needs to be a mechanism to replace a hub.  I had a hub just die on me, and it is actually worse than just starting over.  If you start over, you just have to pair all the devices, and build rules.  However, if you have a hub die, then you have to manually (forcefully) unpair every single device before it can be paired with the new hub.  There needs to be a backup/restore configuration process.  After having this happen, I wish I could give it two thumbs up.

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Agreed.  This needs to be put in place.  With the numerous rules, devices, schedules, and scenes that I have, this would be a nightmare to even remember all of the things I am doing, let alone try to restore them if the hub fails.  I actually find it hard to believe this isn't one of the first things put into this system.