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Be allowed to create basic rules without a fee

Be allowed to create basic rules without a fee

I currently use the system in multiple locations some on the basic plan, some one a paid plan. It would be nice to be able to set up basic rules without having to pay $10 a month, to turn my lamp on. I have a "smart plug" and wanted to be able to use a "smart button" to turn a lamp on, but nope it seems that requires a rule therefore; $120 a year for the privilege.


To add insult to injury ... lowes sales an automation package with smart button included, but no where does it say paid service required to use all the items in the box.  I got a friend one of these and paid full price for a package with a useless smart button ... oh well. I should have done my research, before ... shame on me.

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I agree, motion sensors and buttons are kind of useless without a paid subscription and it should be clear that a fee is required to use them.  You could get your friend an Alexa and then at least they could turn it on and off by Voice.


The latest update has moved rules into the basic free package.

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Status changed to: Delivered