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Changes in weather Suggestions...

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Changes in weather Suggestions...

I’m not certain how to do this, but I think it would be helpful to have the system be a bit smarter by promting the user when something seems out of place.

For example: I created a scene in the summer that included the thermostat to set to cool when I came home. About a month ago, when the weather got cool, I was getting frustrated that my thermostat was “randomly cooling” at night. I had forgotten about the climate inclusion in the scene that wouldn’t make appropriate sense to continue since the weather outdoors is 31 degrees here in Oklahoma.

It was my fault, entirely. But maybe dramatic weather changes in our zip code could prompt the user to review climate included rules/scenes to make us aware of silly things like this and stop us from thinking our system has lost its mind, when really it was all my fault all along. Sheesh! Haha.

Or at the very least maybe if a scene lasts longer than a defined amount of time, prompt the user for a periodic review so we don’t forget.

Thanks for being awesome, as always!!
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