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Check Current State on Time Based Rules

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Check Current State on Time Based Rules

Time based rules don't check the current state of the condition to trigger an action. 


Example/Use Case

Thermostat (bedroom thermostat) that will turn on/off an electric heater on a smart plug (bedroom comfort control) based on current room tempurature.  The rule, however, should only do so during certain time periods.  I don't want to maintain the tempurate 24/7.


Rule to Activate heater: When BEDROOM THERMOSTAT temperature goes BELOW 58, then turn BEDROOM COMFORT CONTROL ON AND LEAVE IT.

Rule to De-Activate htr: When BEDROOM THERMOSTAT temperature goes ABOVE 60, then turn BEDROOM COMFORT CONTROL OFF AND LEAVE IT.


The rule is set to only activate at a certain time, which in my case is 9:00pm (disabled at 11:00pm).  The purpose is to warm up the bedroom so that the room is comfortable to enter before bed, but will shutoff and stay cool while sleeping.


The problem is, it never checks the state of the room tempurature when the rule is activated. 

If the tempurature is 58 at 9:00pm, and drops below 58 at any point between activation and de-activation (11).  It works!

If the tempurature is 57 at 9:00pm, it never turns on the heater. This makes condition based triggers within a time schedule fairlydifficult to use in this scenario.

Note:  I have the same plug operate an air conditioner in the summer, with similar rules and the same problem exists in reverse.



There should be a "check state" option on any time based rule, which can be configured.  If he rule indicates that if it drops below 58, the rule is activated at 9:00pm and the tempurature is 57, and the "check state" option is enabled, it should do what the rule states and turn on the device. The tempurature is below the threshold and we want the bedroom to warm up!



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Advanced Member

This is one of the scenarios that got me to switch most of my home automation over to Smarthings.  I had this same issue with a heater I had set in my Bathroom to turn on in the mornings to heat it so it would be warm when we got up.


If I remember right I had to set a schedule to turn on the heater every morning at the rule start time, in your case 9:00PM.   So it turns on no matter what the temperature.  You have the same issue on the max side, if it starts above 60 it would not turn off.  In my case once the temp got high enough it was above the max temp I had already stopped using it for the season anyway. 


I also wanted it to not start if the bathroom door was open, but no option for any if then type rules.