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Control LEDs on outlets and switches.

Control LEDs on outlets and switches.

Most of the GE switches and outlets have LEDs that come on or go off based on the state of the device.  In V1 I believe you could reverse the state of when they came on.  I would like the ability to turn them off completely if available as well.

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I agree.  It's been nearly a year that I've been on V2 and I still can't get used to the blue LED being on when a switch is OFF.    In my mind LED on means the switch is on...  Just can't get used to that one still.  


Try this:


To disable the blue locator LED, quickly click the on button three times followed by the off button once. Per:


I feel like I originally saw this on the community driven Iris forum. I was pretty surprised to see it in SmartThings as a menu option, On when On, On when Off, Always Off. Dn't get too excited, ST has plenty of weird stuff, it's not green grass and daisies over there.




Unfortunately there is not a way to mark an answer as solved or quote someone to reply but the answer above by Jonothan does solve this problem.

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Actually, although a nice workaround,  it does not solve or answer my request or my problem as it does not address outlets only switches.  I want this added as a feature and just because you can do it manually does not negate the feature request.   I have one fan switch that has the LED but I am okay with it due to it's location and it is not that bright.. The outlet LED, on the other hand,  is quite bright and in it's current location it shines right in your eyes when sitting in one of the chairs in the living room.   According to the documentation I have found for outlets you can change the LED behavior but it says your controller must do it.


If Jonathon knows of a way to do this for an outlet, please share.




I agree on the parity and stand corrected on the wall outlet. 


Do you know if this procedure also works on the fan speed control?
We have switches in every bedroom and a fan speed control in the master. I'd like to disable the light on all of them except the porch and garage lights. For the porch and garage, I'd like to be able to reverse the light (on means on).

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I agree.  The blue led on in my bedroom  on the light and one outlet is far too bright trying to sleep.  Pieces of duct tape to cover the led looks ridiculous.


I agree, this versatlity is a must .... it worked in v1 and needs added back to v2.


Just in the event someone is curious, the manual procedure does work for fan switches as well.

This solves most of my problems with the LED indicator... however, there appears to be no way to invert the LED so that it is ON when the switch is ON.
I have a couple of outdoor lights that the LED is handy for, but it seems backwards that the LED is off when the light is on.
On V1 you could configure this to opperate as in indicator light instead of a nightlight.

Just so everyone knows I have looked at the commands for this. I can not send a command to the switch to do this. Iris is going to have to update the driver to do this. 


To see this for yourself 

go to 

Find the device and double click the blue i

Look for this line of code. 

"indicator:enableSupported"  If this = false Iris needs to update the drivers.