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Control camera motion sensitivity

Control camera motion sensitivity

I would like to be able to come trim the sensitivity of the motion sensor trigger. Cars driving by in the distance of my front porch camera trigger the motion. This causes me to be unable to use it as a trigger for recording

Same here.

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I agree.  There is obviously some type of adjustment that can be made why not allow the customer to set it as they want, instead of want you think they need.

Yes and set zones so I can only trigger at my porch not at the road where cars drive by.

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This is NOT a request to simply deaden the sensitivity on our cameras. Most of my cameras operate well on the current setting, but it would be great if it were user-adjustable to decrease it for a specific location -- for instance where there is wind-blown vegetation or traffic in the background.


I have the same problem.. The cameras need to have a place for the user to be able to adjust the level of sensitivity.. Mine sends way to many triggers to my phone through out the day.. It overloads my email.. 

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I have the same problem mine picks up cars that drive by in the distance. I have tried to angle it differently but it doesn't help. Mine triggers several times a day because a car drives by in the distance. If you could either reduce the sensitivity or select zones in the camera it would be nice especially since we have such limited space for video storage. 

@earth17 I am working on this in an update to the portal.


It would be great if during the certain times I can shut off the motions sensors from detecting motion without taking the batteries out so I am not going through batteries like crazy bc its a high traffic area and my history log is not filled up with motion detected. 

@Ses9 I have added this to the iris portal


I hung up my first Iris outdoor camera today and it was not enjoyable. I resorted to putting masking tape on the motion sensor . There was a lot of trial and error, it was a pain, but got it to stop triggering when cars drive by. IS IT REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR A QUALITY CAMERA WITH AN

ADJUSTIBLE MOTION SENSOR. The Iris outdoor camera It is practical useless for triggers. I have another brand that is not compatible with Iris that does work great.