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Deadbolt Autolock

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Deadbolt Autolock

I have two Kwikset deadbolts at my home. Underneath the cover there is a tiny switch that allows you to enable/disable a 30 second auto-lock. I really love this feature and have it enabled most of the time. However, when we have a bunch of people over or a repairman, it would be nice to disable this feature without having to find the hex key, remove the cover, flip the tiny switch, replace the cover and repeat the process after everyone is gone. It would be great if a Rule could be created to auto lock the deadbolt after 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, etc. and have the ability to turn this feature on or off from the app.

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You can create a scene including only the lock then create a rule to run the scene and have it lock after the door has been closed if you have a door/window sensor on the door.  It likely will not work 100% of the time as it depends on the hub getting the close signal from the door/window sensor and the unlock signal from the lock.  I had poblems mostely with my lock occasionally getting into a jamed state and not releasing for hours even though I addressed it manually right away (this was usually when I closed the door then opened it before it auto locked and it tried to lock just as I was opening it or a guest would close the door but not completely and so the bolt couldn't engage).

I really don't see a way to go about this in the matter in which you suggested. I have hinge sensors on my exterior doors but don't see a door open/closed, run a scene. Even if so, I would prefer the 30 second delay instead of instant. I walk outside to get the mail and I close the door behind me so the dog doesn't get out. I'd prefer the door not lock instantly as soon as the door closed. I can run out, grab the mail and be back inside the house in 30 seconds. If a Rule could be created, "Lock the deadbolt within _______________ of the deadbolt being opened", that would be great! It's essentially the "buzz in" feature only in rule form. I can "buzz in" someone and the deadbolt will auto-lock. However, if I turn the lock at the door, it will remain open unless I have the physical "auto-lock" enabled.
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I'm not saying that wouldn't be handy but I'm saying this is available now.  And as long as you don't close the door all the way behind you when you run out for those 30 seconds the door won't lock.


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What I'm suggesting is not currently available. I would like an adjustable delay (30 second, 1 minute, etc.), not an immediate lock. This is available manually on the lock but not in the form of a Rule or Scene. Your suggestion is close but not what I'm looking for. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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Not a solution, but I leave the cover screws out for easy access.