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Delay door locks until after exit timer ends

Delay door locks until after exit timer ends

As with V1, have the ability to not lock the locks until after the alarm exit grace period ends. The "lock lock when alarm is set" feature is useless because as soon as you hit "on" it locks the door and doesn't allow you to exit.

Yeah this is totally a flaw in the way rules and scenes are executed within Iris.


For the product manager @ Iris:

- A user has no ability to use a rule or scene with alarm mode changes unless they are already out of the house or intend to stay inside. This is a broken state.

- Waiting for the grace period to expire doesn't impact security vs running it right away (unless you have a ridiculously long grace period).

- Should be a global change - all rules and scenes run after grace period.


Two use cases: -

House cleaner comes in. Uses her/his code to unlock the door (which will work as a trigger to disarm).

- House cleaner leaves:  

-- Current: manually unlock door (since you have a rule set up to disarm on unlock  

--  Wait 10-15 seconds for disarm rule to run

-- Tap On or Partial

-- Leave  

-- Tap lock or use key to lock door.


Dog Walker has the same problem.

-- No code (imagine a service like Wag, where they provide you a lock box so that only the walker service, which like uber for walkers have access to the box with key via the app.)  Key is used to open door

--  Wait 10-15 seconds for disarm rule to run

-- When leaving, in reverse ... unlock door, wait 10-15 seconds, tap partial, leave, lock door with key (or tap lock button).


Success state: The ideal scenario is after tapping ON or PARTIAL - a scene could be run following the grace period.


all alarms and and push notifications should have a grace period prided to them..... i.e.  freezer alarm should not go off unit temp reaches the desired set point for x minutes.  this will allow for defrost cycles and doors left open while restocking the freezer.

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Ask the locksmith to set the timer for you, once it has been it the door will automatically lock after the timer has been gone.