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Device Battery Indicators

Device Battery Indicators

It would be nice to be able to see the devices battery % no matter what it is rather than OK until it get below 30% or whatever the threshold is currently.

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A couple of weeks agao I got a battery notification for one of my gen 1 Smart Buttons and within minutes it was offline, I replaced the battery and it worked right away.  Last night another of my gen 1 Smart Buttons went offline with no battery warning, but when I pressed the button there was no light so I knew it was the battery again (This is the first time since I got these that I have had to change batteries which has been years!), again I replace the battry and it works great again.  With the gen 1 Smart Button it isn't a big deal if I don't get notified about the battery being low since it won't impact security or anything else until I go to press it and with the gen 1 I can tell right away that the battery is dead if I press it and the light ring doesn't come on.  The concern with how things are now would be with contact or motion sensors going offline without sufficient warning since now whatever they were monitoring is no longer monitored.


You need to make it parity with v1. I have 2 Kwikset locks that always report OK even if the battery is too low to operate. This wasn't a problem with v1. 

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I would love to see the battery life indicator that is now on the web portal  on the app.....I use the app much more than go online.... it would also be helpful if I could get a text message when the battery life has gotten low rather than an email or no notification at all (which is my current status).   I have over 135 devices and it can be hard to keep up with batteries.....text notifications on this and other areas would be awesome!

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We have a winter home where we spend about 5 months a year. It is over over 2000 miles away from our residence. It would be helpful to me to be able to check the battery strength in each home before we leave to travel to the other home so that we can make sure the batteries will last until we return. I hope you will work to restore this feature to what it was when I first purchased IRIS.

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v1 system use to show the battery percentage until they downgraded the system to gen2

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There was a web site that let me know the battery life but I guess Iris decided it wasn’t important so they did an update that made that web site useless.  Please add back the ability to check battery life.  This 30 percent email isn’t enough for people who live 8 hours away from rentals 

Its been fixed Smiley Happy


I never get a low battery indication until it's already dead and offline!!

The old v1 Iris showed the current battery status of each device all the time..  which was nice..