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Door Lock Access Scheduling and Scenes

Door Lock Access Scheduling and Scenes

Need ablity to schedule door lock access like on V1.



Cleaner only needs access on Wed between 8AM and 5PM.

Babysitter only needs access while home is in the away scene and not while in other scenes like home, good night or vacation.  This was refered to Home Modes in V1, see attached pic.

Likewise I want my brother to have access while it's in vacation scene so he can check on the house but not when it's in other scenes like away, home or good night.  I let him in when I'm home.




Agree.  Would also be good for just at certain time/date for the PIN to be active.


We are looking at hiring a cleaner today and I really wish we could schedule her access to the home to only be active at specific times.
When we bought V1 we knew this was a supported feature we may need eventually, now that we are on V2 and we need it, it no longer works.

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According to a Facebook add from Iris, this should be available, but it doesn'the look to me like anything changed...Screenshot_20170522-220020.jpg



I actually called them out on that ad, pointing out that the information in the ad was incorrect.
They responded and said they would change it, but they never did... then they deleted their response.

Strange, they deleted their response to my comment, but did not delete my actual comment...

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I agree this needs to be added ASAP!  I only want my housesitter and house cleaner to be able to access my home on certain days and times, I think this is a security issue that could potentially lead to liabilities.  I loved the feature in the first generation!