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Garage Door Rules and Abilities

Garage Door Rules and Abilities

I would like the ability to create a rule to notify me when the garage door has been open for more than 15-30 minutes like you can with a door sensor. I would also like the ability to add the garage door to the activating sensors for triggering the alarm. If someone stole or had my garage door code they could open the door and steal everything in the garage without the alarm going off or me even knowing. These to items were the whole reason I bought the garage door controller and I can't believe these abilities weren't already available.

As written at the top, this appears to be delivered so you might want to shift this to Delivered @Iris



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With either garage door switch and or a contact sensor - can I set a rule that when the garage door is actiavted to open that it shuts the alarm system off. It seems to take a couple minutes for my key fob to connect to the hub when I pull in before I can open my garage door. And if it doesn't connect - which happens, I have to go inside to key in code then open garage.


You can use either a contact sensor, tilt sensor or Garage Door Opener to run a scene. That scene can amoung most any other task turn the alarm off.