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The ability to create a geofence within the app would open up several possiblities on both the secruity and automation side of the Iris application.  


I completely agree with this.

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Geofencing is something we are taking a hard look at. We agree that it brings to light a light of intriguing security and home automation use cases. Our initial focus in 2017 is the launch of Iris Professional Monitoring and our Web UI. Once those are deployed we'll be looking at some of the other key features we want to pursue.

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Status changed to: Logged

Status changed to Investigating as this is something we will take a look at in 2017 as Patrick mentioned above.


This is something that is in the app commands set to the server.


Make iris work with HomeKit and you would automatically have geofencing for Apple products. 

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Yes, Geofencing also would be Great! Here is what Geofencing could solve, let me know if you can relate. Your at home in bed and your alarm is Armed to Partial and for some reason (family member trips the alarm or there is an intruder) whatever the case, the Alarm is triggered and the Iris System immediately calling your phone while your trying to 1) Dial 911 and/or 2) Access the app to disarm the alarm. This difficult to do while the Iris System is calling in.  I don't need to be called and told that my alarm has been triggered if I'm at Home or at least not right away, there should be a delay and Geofencing could accomplish this.

Greg1 - Probably should make an option, not mandatory. In my case, I would be calling via my home phone (Voipo or MagicJack), not the app on my smartphone because it would rarely be on at home.
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Will you guys be looking hard at this again in 2018?

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Much needed the key fobs suck! They are cheaply made and fall apart so easy!

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We do know we need modern geofencing in the Iris apps, using a mobile phone as the presence device; this isn't something we are ignoring (we all use Iris and want this too :-)


Can't promise when but its on the roadmap.