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Have Keypad or Alexa/Google Home Chime When Sensor Is Open

Have Keypad or Alexa/Google Home Chime When Sensor Is Open

How about creating a rule that can make either the Iris Keypad or an alexa/Google Home play a chime sound when a door sensor is open?  Having that tiny chime sound on the hub is kind of usesless unless you are in an apartment.

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That would be great. 

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I get the chime through all of my keypads, version 1 & 2.  You can select which doors chime through the:  Doors card, select "more".

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The chime feature on Alexa/Google Home would be sweet (or to say, "Your DOOR NAME was opened"). As far as the keypad I noticed it will chime along with your hub long as your alarm sounds are enabled. Weird, maybe it's a bug, but turning off the grace period sounds tends to silence the keypad for other functions, or maybe that's just me?

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I like this idea and wonder if it could be built into the Alexa skill easier. If the skill con monitor the status cahnge of devices then it could watch for device 'x' and make an announcement on one or more alexa devices. That way you could set the Alexa device in the back of the house to ding when the back door opens or the garage door, etc. There are a lot of possibilities that could be helpful if this were possible.

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Just curious on status of this -- it would be great if Alexa can alert if a door/window with an Iris sensor has been opened.  Thanks!


Does the gen 3 smart keypad have door chime? If gen 2 does then gen 3 should! Shouldn’t it????? Someone let me know, it’s driving me crazy

IRIS tech support told me yesterday that a firmware upgrade is pending to make the V3 keypad chime with door open events.  No date on when that would be pushed out to the keypads.  Hopefully it will be more flexible than the V1 and V2.  I just wish they would allow integration to Alexa/Google or Sonos...