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Hub Offline Notifications/Faster Device Offline Notifcations

Hub Offline Notifications/Faster Device Offline Notifcations

I have never received a notification for my hub being offline, and it has gone off many times. Support told me it takes 24 hours of being offline to get a push/email. This is true with devices offline, as I check my history after getting a notification push/email and the device has been offline 24 hours. This is far too long, can we PLEASE receive quicker notifications when a device is offline, and also when the hub goes offline.



Frequent Contributor

Can you please look into this further. I just had a internet error that took out communication to the hub and I did not see a offline notification until over an hour. I only knew because my UPS monitoring software showed a transfer failure due to incorrect frequency and the ups shut down. If i wasn't home I wouldn't have known.

Community Manager
Hi, You'll be happy to know we've adjusted the timing for notification when the hub goes offline, and you should now receive a notification if the hub has been offline for half an hour (as well as when it returns to broadband connectivity) -Mike
It would be beneficial if the hub was a selection option as a filter in the history card. That way you could get a better picture of the connection of your hub. I also would like to be able to see how many times my hub has switched to cellular as a way to keep track of data used since currently no other options are available.