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IFTTT Integration

IFTTT Integration

IFTTT (If This Then That) integration would be an awesome addtion that would open up several possibilities within Iris.


The fact that there are over 40 comments on this post should tell you something.
I think it's a really bad idea to actually tell your customer base you will never support the most widely supported industry standard in home automation. 
Seriously, I have talked to MANY people who would not even consider iris because there is no support for IFTTT or Harmony. Basically, you are telling us we will NEVER EVER have a completely integrated system as long as we use your product. The more I think about it the more frustrated it makes me. 

Focusing on your own 3rd party integrations is not a substitute for IFTTT.
Do you have plans to integrate iris directly with Google calendar, Dropbox, Automatic, Gmail, Harmony, Misfit, evernote, TiVo, GE appliances, LG appliances, Samsung Appliances, iRobot, Office 365 Calendar, box, onedrive, facebook messenger, skype, ecobee, hive, neatmo, WeMo, jawbone up, withings, fitbit, onenote, arlo, august, ring, life360, AnyMote, Comcast, Cortana or Jibo?
I would bet you will never integrate a single one of these services with iris... and that is only a very very small fraction of what you get with IFTTT integration.

I really wish iris would at least CONSIDER this one thing that MANY MANY of their users are BEGGING for.


Do it!


I have been naively hoping and waiting support for IFTTT was going to come to IRIS. Now that I know a stance has been taken to never integrate IFTTT I don't have a choice but to FIND ANOTHER SOLUTION. I currently have over 30 devices connected to the system and subscribe to the Professional Monitoring services with  the 4G cellular backup. I did an insane amount of research before choosing a home automation platform and this is the one thing I overlooked. I feel like a complete idiot now for thinking that not having support for IFTTT was "not yet" and not a "NOT EVER". Even writing this out seems completely insane. What other platforms are taking this staunch stance?! Do you honestly believe you will be able to develop your product fast enough and create the partnerships needed to allow an amount of functionality that could even compete with an IFTTT integration. I regret recommending IRIS to many new home owners, because this indicates a larger problem with your culture. Instead of encouraging innovation by allowing your products and functionality to be further customised and integrated well with 3rd party products and software you need to control everything. This is unsustainable and unacceptable in this age. As a product designer my heart goes out to not only the users of the product demanding their product work as well as their neighbors but also the product team and the limiting silo they must be working in on a product they know will never really be able to compete. What a waste. 



Called it!!!

Poorly managed product, now faces inevitable doom.


Smiley LOL

I am building out my Iris system and am shocked that Iris does not have IFTTT. Wemo has great products. Please provide support for Wemo.