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Integration of iris app and iOS Siri controls

Integration of iris app and iOS Siri controls

I am not sure about everyone else but I am an iOS user and I would like to see iris and Siri become compatible, just like Alexa and iris.  Having the abilities to control the iris smart home from any device by using verbalized control is essential and efficient. 

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Already requested here.

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I saw that it was already requested.  I wanted to add another request to show the demand.  

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That is what the Kudo is for.

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Integration with Siri is a critical capability. The caseta app works great with both alexa and Siri. I use it all the time. It is a real disadvantage for IRIS to not have Siri integration.


Yes. Iris needs Siri integration bad!


I agree, Siri is needed. Smiley Happy I kudo'ed this and I'll kudo the other! Smiley Happy 


Homekit support was not possible with the current iris hub prior to iOS 11.3, however Apple has now removed the requirements that the device be certified and contain a specific MFI coprocessor from apple.
I hope iris will revisit this feature request as there are no longer any hardware limitations and it is now possibile with the current hub with software-only authentication (similar to the way it works with Alexa and Google Home)


I have been an Iris user for about 4 years and I have been an Siri user for more.  I would like to see this happen sooner vs later