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Iris Status Card on the Dasboard

Iris Status Card on the Dasboard

We need an Iris status card on the dashboard that will show us if there are any devices offline or with low batteries and which devices are affected.


Bonus points if it will actually give the status of the iris service (indicate if there are any known issues or outages)

I know they do have this on the doors and locks card. Just follow the red dot Smiley Happy

Here's the status card on V1.

service status.JPG

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Im never notified when my CO2 fire detector keeps losing connection. It would be nice for a text/email/app alert. 

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This card could also contain a multitude of troubleshooting options as well.  Things like device signal strength, uptime, temperature, Wifi RSSI and noise levels to name a few.  

I think something like this 

The home page now shows

Devices that are offline

If AC filter(s) are older than 1008 run hours

If a device's battery is  less than 40%

If a device has less than 30% signal

If a smoke/CO detector has not been tested in 90 days

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Status changed to: Logged

We can appreciate the need for a status card within the Iris dashboard. We're currently investigating how this will fit into the existing design and what information will be included here.