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Last Person Leaves Rule

Last Person Leaves Rule

I had a rule, that I have since deleted because of conflict, to run a scene of the alarm being set to on.  The rule I set was for the Run a Scene for Last Person to Leave.  This rule conflicts with another rule that runs a scene to turn the alarm to Partial.  For example, my wife leaves and the rule sets the alarm to Partial.  I leave as tyhe Last Person leaving, instead of the rule being able to turn the alarm off and automatically setting the alarm to on, I have to do it manually since Partial is set and can't automatically be turned off.


I'd like the ability for the rule to have a little more flexibilty.  Allow it to have an If/Then/Else capability.  If the alarm is already set to On or Partial, allow the rule to turn the alarm to Off, then continue to allow it set the alarm to On or Partial.  Another way to accomplish this would be to allow a rule to run two scenes, one to turn off the alarm and a second to set it to Partial or On.

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Better yet, just let it switch from partial to on, there should be no need to switch to off first.

Yes, that suggestion will work too. I just received the key fobs yesterday so I'm still new to understanding them.