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Logitech Harmony integration

Logitech Harmony integration

It would be awesome to be able to integrate the Harmony hub with iris. I would like to have an iris scene activate as part of a harmony activity.
It would also be nice to be able to have the harmony "off" command sent when the house is empty. (in the event you forget to turn off any of your home theater gear when you leave)


agree completely, the lighting control options on the harmony are minimal and incompatible with the lighting that iris can control, I would also love to see options such as bringing lights up when pausing a show, or when using the remote which comes with the HH (which has no lighted buttons)

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Haramony was great for me as a way to control my air conditioner while I am out. Coupled with Alexa and Iris I have quite a few things on voice control


 Yeah Iris needs to consider Harmony integration. It's the foremost IR device controller and IMO it's essential to bridge those devices with the rest of my smart home.

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Integration with harmony would be great from a security perspective. I'm away most of the time and have scheduled lights to go on and off to make it look like someone is in the house. Being able to have TV's going on and off would be even better. Harmony has some scheduling capability, but it can't be activated or deactivated or changed remotely. Would be great if iris integrated to provide remote access.


Just got a second harmony hub/remote setup for our bedroom.
Really sad that it still does not integrate with iris. I would love to have control over my lighting from my hand held remote.
All other home automation systems integrate with harmony and IFTTT... It's really making me consider moving over to smart things!