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More Water Heater control

More Water Heater control

I've been delaying the purchase of a new water heater because I want to do the whirlpool one with the iris energysmart module, however I have read that the features of the water heater a very limited on V2.
I would like to be able to make changes to the temperature or set the vaction mode as part of a scene.
I'd also like to get a notification if it is not in grid mode (after power failure), and the cool graphic that shows the amount of hot water and the temperature... basically all the reasons I wanted the water heater on V1 are now gone, and I am hoping they come back on V2 before I have to buy a new water heater.


I miss the vacation mode the most also.  One other thing I would like to suggest is for the water heater to have a rotary setting to spin to a temperature quickly instead if pressing a circle 40 times.


Any world on this?
I spent a fair amount of money on an iris enabled water heater a while back. It does practically nothing on V2 that couldn't be done (and done more reilably) with a mechanical time clock.