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NEED Hub offline to show in HISTORY

NEED Hub offline to show in HISTORY

Currently there is zero history when the hub goes offline. This isn't a convenience suggestion its a necessity. If I need to be notified when doors opened, record cameras on motion etc. I NEED to know if and when my hub is offline because without having offline processing absolutely nothing happens when my hub is offline. Iris makes my house look secure but truth being told it is misleading, dishonest, and no correct information is submitted if hub is offline. I need hub offline to show in my history so I know when/why my cameras arent recording and why I am not getting my notifications.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make this happen ASAP Iris. Please.
New Member

They posted in 2017 that they were working on offline notification improvements?! What is going on? The devices are useless if it makes us think they're ON when in reality they have been OFFLINE. This should be the highest priority. 

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This is NOT an enhancement, it's a BASIC functional requirement.  While I receive SMS notifications when the hub goes dark and restores, often by the time I see the restore note, the loss of power note has been bumped from view.  This is really a simple issue.


This is a basic function that needs to be available. I have all of my notifications turned on but still don’t get any SMS or email notifications when either of my hubs go offline. I used to in V1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with these issues and others are speaking out about it. 

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I have been having an issue with my Internet getting down to my detached shop, which is where my Hub is.  I have been getting notifications and the disconnects have been listed in my history.   So it is working for me.