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Nest Thermostat Support

Nest Thermostat Support

I would very much like to see Nest thermostat as an option for adding to my Iris system.  I used to have the model that came with the Iris kit in version 1 but recently replaced that with a Nest because of the KCP&L Rush Hour Rewards program that gave me a free Nest.  Currently I'm using Iris+Nest+Alexa to get them integrated but would love to just drop the Nest app and see my thermostat back in the Iris app all together.

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Nest protect integration would be nice as well since the Halo option isn't available and the First Alert smoke detectors start chirping way before Iris thinks about notifying about low batteries so I have been replacing them when they chirp rather than replacing the batteries only to be woken up by it again next year.


Will this be a future option?

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this is a big deal for me. Considering whether or not to buy a third hub for another property with a Nest thermostat, or switch to smart things. 

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Status changed to: Delivered

Iris now integrates with the Nest Learning Thermostat, allowing you to manage your home temperature from the Iris app. Learn more about our integration with the Nest Learning Thermostat on our blog: 


Yes, I saw the blog post. But how do you enable this? I can not seem to find information anywhere on it?

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Just go into the add device area and choose Nest and it will connect you to Nest to type in you credentials to authorize Iris to integrate with your thermostat.