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New Keypad Needed - Tablet style

New Keypad Needed - Tablet style

First off V2 keypad is a joke. I still use my V1 as 2x v2's have broken and why the odd batteries?


We need a Premium Keypad, AKA a tablet that would always be on and show us Date time temp inside/outside. alarm status door status, window status. ect.. All in an easy to use panel along with the ability for different users to access different things. Like setup and such.


We also need a new keypad something basic for like back doors and such but more functions than v1/v2, would be nice to have voice feedback.


So many other alarm makers already have this, and I feel iris is just falling further and further behind on what a smart home is and should be. and what an alarm system is and should be. 



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I would LOVE a touchscreen keypad!