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Notify user when activating a rule that relies on a device that is disconnected!

Notify user when activating a rule that relies on a device that is disconnected!

When I left town I activated a rule to notify my if there was motion dected on my motion sensor.  What I didn't realize was that the motion sensor had been disconnected for 2 weeks (dead battery)!  This points out several items that could be improved in the app:

1. If I activate a rule that requires a device that is not connected, it should tell me right then, so I know I need to figure out why.

2. If any devices are disconnected, there should be a badge notification of how many devices are offline or have low batteries.  I can't swear that I didn't get a push notification when the device went offline, but if I wasn't home to do something about it, or if it got buried in a bunch of other push notifications, I might have not realize or forgotten it.

3. When opening the app it should readily have a screen with any issues (disconnected devices, low/dead batteries).  Going to the devices screen on the app you can see a red dot indicating a device with an issue, but it should be front and center when starting the app.

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Hello and welcome to the Iris Community! Thank you for providing this feature request, we appreciate your interest in wanting to improve the Iris app.


Our team is aware of the items above that you believe can be improved in the app. We’ll have more info on this topic soon. Thanks again!

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An easy way to add this into the Iris platform would be to add these alerts/notifications into the history column of the app. It's always good to know that I turn on/off a lamp but if my battery dies on a contact sensor and as this user mentioned the notification gets buried with others then I'll have a way to remember. Also would be nice to have more than just one notification sent.