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Offline processing

Offline processing

Offline processing is still missing from v1 parity and is needed since the cellular modem option isn't always feasible in some locations and didn't work when the hub was running on battery backup the last time I checked.


Thank you for the update at long last.  I think part of what is frustrating the customer base is that we don't consider this a "feature", it's a major security issue since the alarm functions don't work if the internet is down.  I personally would rather not wake up to a bad guy standing over me and that's why I bought this system to begin with.


I think the majority consensus is that if we customers had our way we would have you treat this as a stop-work issue and expect everything else to be put aside until this gets done.  The ability to see something new on one of the cards is great but it pales in comparison to my physical safety.

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As someone the has worked on these systems before I know how hard it is to go from cloud based to local based..  It is easier to just add a backup conenction to get the cloud access back..   But I would agree with other comments the cloud should have been a backup solution and not the primary solution..  Does the current hub even have the capacity to handle the load?  As a cloud based soultion all the hub is doing is passing on the traffic..  The sprinkler controller was the worst for this once it was offline from the HUB it would default to not doing anything, that was bad.. All it should have done is use the HUB to get it's schedule or have an override set..

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Thanks, I see that the first step towards offline processing is working now. It would be great if the water valve would be included in offline processing very soon since the leak detectors do.

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Status changed to: Delivered

Offline processing has been delivered in our latest update. To learn more, visit our blog post on this update:

When is 2.7 going to be released? I'm still on 2.6 and there is not an option to update.

After reading the comments, I can NOT imagine that this wasn't implemented yesterday.


Local processing is nice for lights, important for burg alarms, but it is a life safety function for fire and CO alarms.  If there is a fire or CO alarm, it is critical that the alarm sound, lights come on, and doors are unlocked.


This issue should be run by the corporations general counsel.  If this feature isn't implemented within the week, all stores should post a large sign by the IRIS display warning that this is not to be used in any life safety applications.

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Sorry people but after V2 came out it’s all been about pushing for paid service. They will not put back the offline feature cause then they wouldn't be able to sell you 4g services. I've already started considering other systems and will be making a change cause this system useless. All a burglar needs to do is cut power and system is deactivated no notification of cut power or internet and no offline service, so alarm is pointless. In V1 you would be notified right away when power was lost, internet was lost, even when the door sensors were pulled apart. If I had choice would have stayed with V1 but was forced to V2 since they shutdown system. This V2 was more of a downgrade not an upgrade.

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They did get offline security features working again about a month ago lights and automations still aren't available offline but they did finally make some noticable progress on offline capabilities.  Also if the power is cut or the internet is down you will get notification after 30 minutes (much better than the original 24 hours), I know that probobly isn't soon enough but most power/internet outages are not burglary related anyway.  The alarm would still be rining inside the house to notify anyone inside which is a huge improvement, the cell option either on the hub itself or on the router would be your only possible way to be notified on your phone about an alarm activation when the internet is down.

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Why is this saying delivered? Do lights work without hub being online? Does water valve work in offline processing? 

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Have a power outage and no outside internet and it doesn't work as was described. Unacceptable I will be going to another system.