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Offline processing

Offline processing

Offline processing is still missing from v1 parity and is needed since the cellular modem option isn't always feasible in some locations and didn't work when the hub was running on battery backup the last time I checked.


To me the lighting rules are just as important.  It's a home automation system first.


Those of us who bought into the V1 "Safe and secure kit" didn't buy into the system with the idea that it was a home automation system first.
I don't think there are too many users who are absolutely furious because they cant control thier lights from their phone when the internet is down... the outrage is coming from users who have absolutely no alarm system if there are problems with the internet connection. You just don't think that lack of an internet connection will keep the sirien for your alarm system from sounding.
Personally I would not have a problem at all if local processing only showed up for the alarm system first. It's not a big deal if I can't control my lights, water my flowers, change my water heater temperature, or get alerts when people come and go, while my internet is down... it IS a big deal if a simple internet outage completely silences my alarm system.

Well that's why you bought it but I bought it for home automation. Security Alarm was a bonus for me.  So when my lights are all jacked the wife, friends, and family are like what the?  I thought you had home automation and your lights were automated.  How much did you pay for this?   If I bought it just for security I would have only spent a quarter of what I have to automate my home in devices. 

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I have to agree with smitho, my home security is much more important than automation. I can live without the lights and such coming on.  The end goal should be for the everything to work though.
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Well, I'm sure you get different priorities depending on who you ask, but ultimately if the work being done on Professional Monitoring results in additional "Local Processing" becoming available on the hub, then that is great. To me it seems like at a minimum we ultimately need:

  1. Local processing of Contact and Motion sensors, to trigger sirens (Security)
  2. Local processing of Leak, Smoke, and CO sensors, to trigger sirens or activate shut-off valves (Safety)
  3. Local processing of Contact and Motion sensors, and switches, to trigger Lights and Switches (Automation)
  4. Local processing of Schedules for Switches, Lights, Thermostats, etc. (Automation)

I'm sure there are probably others, and I don't expect we will get them all at once (SmartThings has been working on it in phases for years and still is I beleive), but I also assume that progress made in any one of these areas probably goes a long way towards making it available in the other areas and it is great to hear that Lowe's is looking into it.

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I agree I'm hopeful to finally see some progress on local processing and I'd rather see some in phases than none with the occasional hint that someday we may see it all at once.  Of course until we start to see some available the hints are all we have.

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Hello community manager,  


Can you provide us a timeline on when this feature makes it off your backlog and into our hubs?!  I've been a paying premium member since the beginning and have been disappointed that offline processing AND also push notification when hub is offline or no power.   The ONLY reason I haven't switched to another 3rd party security system is the immense investment I've made in sensors, switches, cameras and detectors.  And the fact that v1 was working well so I still have hope.  But it's been a LONG time still v2 has been rolled out.    Please please implement this ASAP!!!




Completely agree, functionality or lack thereof during power or internet disruptions present a glaring flaw that creates a vulnerability equal to having no system at all. Solution for at least alerting me to such conditions should be easy to implement since my hub and Iris central platform are in communication. If that communication is interrupted for some user defined interval of time, I could receive a phone alert indicating hub offline at least allowing me to be forewarned and provide me an opportunity to investigate the status before any unprotected events occur. Perhaps if folks were posting these "suggestions" as part of online product reviews instead of posting to the already invested internal Iris user community, prospective sales of the currently flawed to near useless system may be impacted (who would buy and invest in this platform given alternatives if these functionality flaws were widely known). Maybe then the pace of new functionality releases would being to outrun the snails. Make it so!

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Status changed to: Accepted

We recognize how crucial this feature is to many of our users and are actively working to include this functionality.

We will be prioritising Safety & Security features for this update, following your feedback, with a view to launching in Q2 2017.