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Option to require Pin to set alarm to ON.

Option to require Pin to set alarm to ON.

This option to require PIN allows you to know who set the alarm and by which key pad.

It also prevents accidental armiing or small children and pranksters from setting the alarm.

Advanced Member

We enter a PIN at work when arming.  Yes, I know it's is not needed, but it does provide the log of who armed it.


And agreed, it would eliminate some accidental arming.

Frequent Contributor

I can see in my History turned "Off" the alarm but not who set it to "ON'.  How do you get your log that indicates who set the Alarm to "ON".

Advanced Member

Sorry about that @OCJ

I would swear it showed up in: Alarm card, alarm history.  Apparently I was wrong.


 I know it doesn't show up in full history log, nor does it show up in the email I receive for either arm or disarm status change.


I asked for both as a feature request/V1 parity item a while back, but haven't seen anything yet.