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Outdoor Siren

Outdoor Siren

I know there is an indoor siren compatible with Iris, but please consider adding an outdoor siren to your product line up as well.


I came up with a work around for this.

An outdoor siren rated at 125 DB:

 Powered by this transformer that is plugged into a wall outlet set to turn on when the alarm is triggered and turn off when the alarm is set to off.


Total cost, $32.25 plus the cost of a wall outlet.


You got this working, scunny?  Via a rule that calls as 'scene'?  Does the siren go off when you just plug it in a normal wall outlet?


An outdoor and loud siren is a must for me.  


Yes it is working amd yes if you plug the transformer into a wall outlet the siren will sound.

I use the rule Alarm Triggered Turn Lights On under Lights & Switches.  State = Alert and then it turns the wall outlet the siren is connected to on for 3 minutes when alarm is triggered.  I have a 2nd rule, same one, to then turm it off when the alarm state is set to off. So the alarm will sound for 3 minutes or until the alarm is turned off.