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Curious if IRIS can (or could functionality be added) to detect when my smartphone is home (IE on the same network as my IRIS Hub). I was talking to someone who has a Samsung Smarthome Hub and they were telling me that they have rules when their presence is detected. I know IRIS has FOB's, but being able to detect based on the Smartphone (IRIS App installed) would be cool and handy. I am assuming it detects presence by home network and not GPS coordinates......
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There is already a request for this perhaps you could go and Kudo it for all the good it will do.   One of the community managers said in Dec of 2016 they would be taking a hard look at it in 2017 so I guess it's hard to see.


Here is link to the thread 


I was also going to chastise you for not using the search function, but now I see why there is so many duplicate request as the search function is pretty much useless on this forum .  The title of the thread is Geofencing and no matter what I type in the search bar the thread does not show up.

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 Much better said in this one. But either way it is much needed! The key fobs suck!