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RGBW Bulb Scene Control

RGBW Bulb Scene Control

It would be nice, especially this time of the year (Christmas), to have the ability to turn on a bulb with a scene or other means and tell it to turn to a color.  For example, the front porch I would like to be white when I leave for work at dark '30 and sunset +30 have the light come on with the Christmas stuff and turn green 100% for example.  The RGBW bulbs should be able to not only be turned on and set level, but color and temp.



I agree it should also be an option in the rules like: If motion detected turn on RBG to R255 G0 B188 (this could be a color wheel or even manual entry would be better than nothing) for X min if no motion detected.


Want this for "movie" scenes - turn certain lamps off, certain bulbs on to a blue color, not just the simple on/off control.

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Totally want this way, lights can be used as a silent alarm, when you are  home and awake...someone comes in door...light turns red..etc.

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Agreed! I would like to change my Christmas colors automatically throughout the night. Also my team colors on game day. I have these amazing color bulbs we neeeeeed rules/scenes/schedules for these bulbs. Pleeeassse, pretty please!


 I would love to see this as well.  


The IOT (Internet of Things) gained mainstream attention when Phillips came out with Hue.  It may seem a small thing, cosmetic at best to the Iris team, but this functionality provides a point of attraction to users; a function that they won't want to live without.  New studies are showing that exposure to certain light frequencies can affect our sleep patterns.  Electronic device manufacturers have gone as far as to provide "Night Shift" or comparable technologies.  The ability to change the white balance or color of our lights is just as important and shouldn't require manual operation.  It should be included in Rules and Scenes.


Iris has ignored this for years.  I know because I have emailed support.  It's not enough to provide compatibility with Phillips products.  I don't want 15 hubs in my house, with associated accounts, apps, and exposure of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) which that entails.  It's a simple thing for the Iris team to do. The hub only has to transmit another byte or two of information.  So, put this to bed and do it or provide an acceptable reason you can't.  Or release an API so us who can program can do it, or, go crazy, and provide IFTTT capability.