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Recovery After Gen2 Hub Replacement

Recovery After Gen2 Hub Replacement

Witn Gen2 hubs now starting to age, a method needs to be created that allows for a simple recovery process once a failed hub is replaced.

Currently there is no way to recover your system configuration after installing a replacement hub. With all the hub logic residing in the cloud, this should not be difficult to deliver.

At a minimum, in the interim there should at least be a way to export your system configuration (list of devices as well as content of rules, scenes and people ) so one is not re-creating it from personal memory after hub failure and replacement.

I have not had this problem, but agree completely.  Please address this before I have to replace a hub.

Frequent Contributor

I agree also.  This omission is just another example of how non-robust and immature the IRIS product is. 


Currently my main uses for IRIS is (1) to let me know if any doors and windows are open before I retire for the night, and (2) aid me in energy conservation and scheduling my energy use for time-of-use pricing. 


Both of these applications are non-critical uses for me. Before I venture to more critical applications, I must see a more mature product and a more aggressive and responsive application development team at IRIS/LOWES. 


To to put it in terms that the bean-counters understand - I'm through buying any new hardware or upgraded service plans for at least the next 1-2 years until you can provide a mature product (or scrap the IRIS product line) because at your current rate of development, that's how long it will take you. 

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Yes, I agree.....see my example where I reported that my hub just quit and I had 50+ controllers to reinstall. It would have been so much easier if there had been some way to backup the configuration for use on a new hub.....what is the USB port on the back of the hub for (if not to export the configuration for future importation)?


 DECLINED we see no reason for backup.-Iris team                                               sarcasm, maybe.....

my hub deleted every device (50+) twice. Iris wont even call me to fix it.

Frequent Contributor

oh my!!  I have over 135 devices on my system!  I could not imagine having to reinstall eveyone of them!  This issue really needs to be addressed!

Frequent Contributor

Sarcasm possibly....more likely a refusal to admit the system can fail (which is worse).