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Roomba (IROBOT) Integration

Roomba (IROBOT) Integration

Not sure Lowes has any control over this but it would be wonderful to have IRIS integration with Roomba.   I do not think Roomba supports any API's yet or if they ever will.


I can think of some clear wins here


(1) Alexa turn off Roomba

(2) Keyfob button press to Vacuum or Pause Vacuum

(3) Running vaccum when everyone has left the house (rule)






If you use the Logitech Harmony hub with Alexa, you can control the Roomba among thousands of other devices.

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Yes, that would be really nice. Currently, I own two Roomba models, 770 and 880. It'll pretty cool if Iris integrates with them since a lot of us use the smart floor clearners activaley.


This is another big smart home brand that I'm suprised to see iris hasn't considered integration with.
Especially since Lowe's sells roombas (I just bought a 690 this weekend)
A rule to clean the floor when the last person leaves would be nice.
Again, IF they would ever do IFTTT integration this would probably be possible.


Everything needs to be given time for development. The latest models can not only be controlled from the smartphone and also by voice.
You need to read reviews and blogs to be aware of everything.
P.S.  link for those who wishing to reading about Roomba.