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Rule Builder

Rule Builder

It would be nice to have a rule builder where you can select any device and apply any logic to them with IF, WHEN, WHILE, UNTIL etc. statements.


For example: If humidity is at certain level turn on a smart plug (connected to a dehumidifier), and turn on furnace fan only.


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Just open up to IFTTT. Problem solved. 

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I hugely want this. I spent several hours researching and some time on the phone with a tech trying to figure out a way to get my camera to ONLY record movement if my alarm is armed. Would love:

IF Alarm is set to "On"
THEN record movement for 30 seconds

As is I either have to remember to turn the rule off when I'm home or just fill up my storage with videos of me going up and down stairs when I just want to make sure no one is pulling into my driveway and taking stuff when I'm not home.

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Another example:

I have a modified contact sensor to monitor pool water level and temparature. Basically if the contact sensor is closed means the pool water is above minimum level so the water flows to the skimmer. When opened, it's below so i don't want to run the pump dry because it may burn up. I also have a schedule to run the pump connected to the smart jack. I have a rule when the pump is running and the pool sensor opens, turn it off. But next day, when the schedule kicks in, it runs the pump even though the contact sensor is open. To fix this, you need a custom rule:



             Run Pool Schedule




When schedule kicks-in:

IF Pool sensor CLOSED

    Run Pool Schedule


    Skip and/or notify

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I would like to see more flexability in this area as well. I would like to see more rules in the Arm, Disarm area like, when dis-armed do not send push notifacation from sensors I have that trigger recordings. I can set different rules and schedules but it is a pain to keep them all sync turning some off and on and forgetting. If there is a rule somewhere that already does this please help me out, maybe I am overthinking this.





Motion sensor upstairs in hall, motion sensor downstairs in hall


If no motion on upstairs Hall sensor for 5 minutes and no motion on downstairs sensor for 5 minutes then turn off hall light.



Variables would be nice too... When I run the goodnight scene set variable x to true....  So when Motion in the kitchen is detected and variable x is true then turn on the under cabinet lights else tun on all the kitchen lights


Set variable back to false in my sunrise scene.  



I would personally like to see some sort of developer / advanced user mode that would allow some more advanced scripting of the various devices I/O's. Meaning, I should be able to write a script that could utilize any input from one device to affect another devices output (eg: when my smoke detector alarms, I want my sprinkler to turn on). Or possible more advanced scripts that could utilize any inputs from multiple devices to affect the output of other multiple devices (eg: when my smoke detector alarms and my garage is open, I want my sprinkler to turn on and my door to lock). I know these sound like rediculous examples, but advanced users should be able to script whatever if this then that rules they want. With the obvious caveat that Lowe's doesn't support the advanced user mode beyone the scripting language integration, and that users are responsible for whatever havoc they might cause in their home. This could use something simple like XML so that it'd be easy enough to code, but difficult enough to discourage novice users from trying to use it. Or, if you really wanted to go crazy, you could use a rubberband GUI (a la Apple Quartz Composer, see attached photo) that would make building out advanced rules easy for everyone and visually appealing too. In addition to being able to utilize any input from one device to affect another devices output, it'd be even more spectacular if you could provide some basic building tools that could help automate things or do more advanced tasks (eg: a timer widget, if my garage door is up for more than 15min, then shut it; a strobe widget, if my smoke detector alarms, strobe my porch light to alert the fire department; etc). Instead of paying developers to sit around a cubical and think up of default ways I may want to automate my house and creating limiting rule options, have your developers create a GUI that allows users to do the advanced automation themselves. Once that's launched, then you have those developers come up with new tools to add to the home automation toolbox, or have them work on integrating with third parties like IFTTT (for the record, I disagree with the previous comment that IFTTT integration would solve everything, cause it wouldn't, IFTTT has the same problem as Iris, you're limited to what the developers think you want and often don't have the availability to do more complex rules), etc. I've been waiting for this for four years!!!




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Never said IFTTT integration would solve “everything”.  Of course it wouldn’t. API support for these types of 3rd party tools would be great and appeal to a larger target market, but does not solve everything.


Not sure why you selected Iris for your home automation solution if the problem you’re trying to solve is answered only with fine grain I/O scripting. There are systems that target this niche audience and Lowes has never been shy about delivering value to GUI ninjas. 


Hi Aaron-


You said "problem solved",  I interpreted that as it'd solve the concerns of this thread. I was just clerifying, for the Iris team, that not all users believe that IFTTT would be an adequate solution to the concerns in this thread.


While I haven't participated in the forums here until recently (I always just emailed my complaints / feature requests / etc), I've been an Iris user since its inception. At the time, I spent countless hours researching the options available, and I found that there was just no solution that was priced for the average consumer, so I went all-in with Iris. When other similar products started hitting the market, I wasn't just going to bail on my investment in Iris (I almost did before they released 2.0, cause I felt they weren't making efforts to improve their system, support enough third party products, etc). While they've made strides here and ther over the years, it's still dissapointing that they're only barely keeping up with their competition, the competition that they could have crushed years ago if they had made better efforts earlier on.


And for the record, just because there's other products on the market that have the features I'm suggesting, doesn't negate the fact that Iris should impliment them, in fact, it actually substantiates how valid these suggestions are and should light a fire under Lowe's proverbial a$$ to get them implimented faster so that new consumers don't chose those other products over Iris. If enough consumers do go with other products, Lowe's can't compete in this market, they close up their Iris business, and then we're all left with a bunch of expensive a$$ paperweights. This happens with tech companies every day.


IMO, if Lowe's implimented my aforementioned Iris scripting/GUI additions, they'd probably crush all the other products.

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Fair points, but it’s all about prioritization around maximizing business value for the customer. [edit: I have also been around since the beginning and can understand your decision to go with Iris several years ago.] I would love to have scripting control, too. A persona group of savvy, early-ish adopters would certainly embrace this flexibility, and the Iris community would likely thrive on each others’ innovations. Though I maintain more robust API offerings for GUI recipe builders appeals to a larger user base.


At this point, I think we both agree that a pivot is due; I’ll take whatever additional customization functionally they choose to deliver. I’ll only remain “**edited**-committed” until something worth more than my sunk costs inevitably enters the market.


Boy, how I’d like to be a fly on the wall for a few of their retrospectives. 

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Really? “P 0 T” is censored?