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Sengled Smart Bulb.

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Sengled Smart Bulb.

Can you guys please write the code for Sengled smart bulbs?  They work perfectly with almost all other hubs. They are dimable, and use Zigbee protocol, but they will not work with Iris, It pairs, but says unknown device.  I have like 50 of these bulbs, and they all work like a charm on Smart things. I recently bought an Iris sytem and love it, but so many things that work with Smart things don't work on Iris.. I hope your developers are working on it.


Thnak you, Rick

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If you don't mind me asking, which particular Sengled bulbs are you most interested in?

FWIW Iris does support controlling the Sengled Element LED A19 bulb (albeit as an "uncertified" device) but I know there are plenty of other Sengled bulbs out there.