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Set power on default for connected bulb

Set power on default for connected bulb

I would like to be able to set whether or not a connected bulb will light up or not on a power cycle.  It used to be that when you turned off power to a bulb and then back on it would come on.  It now comes on then immediately goes back off.    I complained about this so I get why it was changed.  My complaint was mostly due to connect disconnects, however


I have some bulbs in my house that I would not like coming on in the middle of the night if power was lost, but I have others, that I do.  The ones I would want to come on after a power loss would be the ones in my closets.  We will sometimes leave the door open and I have the bulbs set to go off after being on for some amount of time.  If we come back in the room later I then want the light to come back on if I flip the switch.  I can close and open the door but flipping the switch is bit more practical.


I decided to write this up because my wife was putting something away in the guest bedroom, and started getting mad because the light would not stay on when she flipped the switch.  This does not come up very often and she had not realized the change I noticed it a few weeks ago and noted it on the other forum.  My daughter is home and she left the door open so the light had gone off.

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Just realized I forgot to check the title for mis-spelling, it would be nice if this forum software would let you edit your own post.


If it does could someone point out how, because I don't see it.

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You can edit your own posts.  Simply click on the three stacked dots in the upper right hand corner of your post and choose "Edit Reply" or "Edit Comment".  The option available will depend on the type of post you are trying to edit.

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Thanks Vettester. 

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No problem, glad to help!

I've noticed this all the sudden.  When things like this change out of the blue it's frustrating.  If motion wouldn't trigger a light to come when it was supposed I could at least toggle the switch to get the light to come on.

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Turns out Osram Lightify has had this functionality as far back as September of 2015! Here's a link to how their app allows you to customize what state you want a bulb to be in after a power cycle: