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Smoke Detector Test Reminders

Smoke Detector Test Reminders

Would be nice if Iris notified you every six months or so to test your smoke detectors. I tested mine today and then it reported a low battery when it showed OK before that so the smoke detector was sitting there with a low battery and Iris was reporting it was ok.
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I've had the same issue. After a false alarm and checking all of my smoke detectors they would start beeping. I would pull the batteries on each device & install them again and the battery % would be back up in the 80's. I beleive the dectectors have a bug.

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I just found this forum, and had to reply to your comment.
I had the same thing. It was about 3:30 am when one of my 5 smoke detectors started to chirp the low battery chirp. I pulled the battery out and put it on the counter because I didn't have batteries available. A few hours later I woke up, and checked the app. My smoke detector is sitting on my counter, with no battery in it, and after 3.5 hours the Iris app is still showing OK.

I really think this is a serious safety issue. I've been trusting this system for a couple of years to alert me when there is CO or smoke. This smoke detector notified me of a low battery, and went completely offline, and Iris was still telling that everything is ok.