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Support for an External type toggle switch.

Support for an External type toggle switch.

Perhaps one of these already work as an un-certified device,I hope so, but I would think adding one would be a good idea.


Eco-link or Third reality.


My plan is to use my Iris hub in my shop and it does not have neutral wires on the power switches so I can't use standard GE smart switches.  One of these type switches would be perfect.

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Looks like those would be a great alternative to wiring a switch in a box or spending money on new bulbs. Does Iris allow devices to connect that aren't shown in their app or on the store?


This would be a great idea for our shop lights.  We have a combination of 240 volt and 277 volt lights that are operated by toggle switches.  This would be a great way to integrate our lighting to Iris.

 The EcoLink should work since we support ZWave switches.  Cannot guarantee it since I have not tried personally,  but it should.

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The Third reality zigbee switch does not work.  They pair as a unknown device and you can't do anything with them.  The problem with the Eco-link switch is that they don't work well with ganged switch boxes, at least from what I have read.  All the switches in my shop are in three gang boxes.